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July 14, 2015

Hey peewee,

Do you ever have nightmares where you think you are halfway awake and something freakingly evil is trying to take over your soul? When you feel like you should wake up but maybe you really are awake? And terrifying frightening stuff is happening around you like in the horror movies?

Then you realize you can’t move, scream or wake up fully? I had that last night. Those nightmares are worse than the ones where you realize you are naked in public. Worse than the ones where you are able to fly but just not high or fast enough to evade your predators or clear the obstacles in your path!

Are these dreams/nightmares common to everyone do you think? Or my neuroses manifesting in my sleep? Or something we eat before bed?

I don’t know, Lissa, I don’t have nightmares anymore, just really weird dreams. Somewhere along the line I learned to wake myself up when I was having a nightmare, by kicking out a foot or something. I remember the last few nightmares I had were kind of like you described, where I dreamt that I was awake but I wasn’t.

I think it was my subconscious trying to trick me into having a nightmare. I remember I was in bed in a hotel room one night, trying to sleep, and I was staring at the door when it slowly started to open. (Kind of like a recurring nightmare I had when I was a kid, where I would stare at the closet door, and it would slowly open and monsters would start to spill out.) Instinctively I kicked out my foot and woke myself up, but then as I was laying there, the door started to open — again! I was really still having the nightmare. This went on a few more times until I suddenly realized that the view I had of the door that my subconscious was using for the nightmare was actually from a different perspective — it was from when I had been sitting up in bed earlier, and it looked different than the view I had lying down. And that was the last nightmare I ever had.

Now when I’m having a really weird dream, sometimes I’ll stop and think, this is really weird, is this a dream? And I’ll jump up in the air to see if I can fly, and if I can, then I know it’s a dream. Then I take over the dream and just go do whatever I want. It’s really fun.

It sounds to me like you are feeling helpless about something, Lissa. Maybe you’re worried about TCB’s upcoming retirement. That’s bound to be a huge change in lifestyle for both of you. Could someone be feeling a little, cough, cough, suffocated?



Early to Rise…

June 11, 2015

Whenever possible, I like to get an early start to the day.  I do my best work in the morning, when the house is quiet and Chaos is sleeping.  That means arising immediately after I first awake, around 4:30 or 5:00 a.m.  If I sleep much past that, I start dreaming, and once I enter the dream world, it’s very, very difficult to drag myself away.  It’s sort of like getting to the end of an enjoyable novel, and not wanting to leave your new friends behind.

And if I wake in the middle of a dream, it’s even more treacherous, because I feel as though I’m leaving behind something unfinished.  And so I lie in bed and replay the dream in my head, trying to puzzle out where it was going and why I was having it.  Inevitably I fall asleep and go on to still another perplexing storyline.

Especially after working long hours, when the pressure lets up I try to afford myself at least a few mornings a week to sleep in (like, till 8 a.m.), because I know how important REM sleep and dreaming is for keeping the grey matter in tune.  It allows the brain the opportunity to defragment its hard drive, clean up files and correct format errors.  Ever notice how cranky your computer gets when you keep it on for a few days in a row?

Some experts believe that dreaming is how your subconscious makes sense of events and emotions that are weighing on your mind.  That would explain why people tend to display symptoms of dementia when they undergo significant sleep deprivation.  There are too many unresolved issues tumbling around in the background.  The buffer is full.  Files are corrupted.  Don’t wait for the fatal error message — time to reboot.

Oh well, food for thought.  Time to leave you; Chaos has arisen.