Lissa’s Budget Recovered

Ok I DID it! Stuck with my new budget.
Cut my expenses in Half- both at the office and home. Here’s how it went down:

Cancelled some dinner dates with friends. Throwing no parties.
Put the dogs on dry food (good dry) and stopped buying them 200$ worth of dog treats a month.
Stopped buying us treats as well. No expensive protein shakes. Instead bought the cheaper protein powder and make them myself.
Haven’t purchased any clothes for myself instead re-purposed old clothes.
Cut back on my charitable monthly donations ( we all have to suffer)
Doing my hair. ( not pretty) Trading services where ever possible.
No housekeeper. No home improvements.
No plastic surgery (kidding- haven’t had any since my last nose job)
No vacations, no shopping sprees and no Louis Vuitton.
Used my tax return to pay off two credit cards instead of buying Louis V bags.
No buying cosmetic products to play with or give away.
No makeup, no shoes (cept running shoes) using up what I have accumulated over the years.
Reduced car insurance, interest payments and bank fees.
Stopped accepting credit cards and stopped using them.

So after a few false starts I have done it. Learned to live within my means. And its not that bad. Definitely boring. I have withdrawals and miss my friends. But I can do this for the rest of the year or until all debt is paid off which ever comes first. Then my challenge is to adjust my means, still save and still party.


2 Responses to “Lissa’s Budget Recovered”

  1. Jackie Gray Says:

    Hi Lissa, I am enjoying your blog. You and your sister are hilarious. I did not do the Lemonade diet but I did lose weight. Today I was 116lbs. I am usually 121 so I guess not going to the grocery store helps. Just eating and making meals out of what is here. We don’t have any treats having said that my 15 year old neice is coming to visit for 2 weeks so will see what I weigh after that visit. I can’t starve the kid. Ha! Ha!

    • lissaandpeewee Says:

      Yes you can starve the kid Jackie! Its you or the kid, your weight or theirs, I bet the kid’s not skinny. Its like smoking – keep it out of the house. Take a stand.

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