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No Such Thing as Free

August 27, 2015

Hey Lissa, want to know the latest scam?  “Free samples.”  They send you an email saying, “want to get free samples of all kinds of products?”  And you think, that might be nice.  Who doesn’t want free samples?  But each and every one of them are the same. When you click on them they make you fill out a survey, then they take you to other free sample sites who also make you fill out a survey, and if you click on any products, you have to fill out a survey for them and you NEVER actually get any free samples.  They’re a SCAM.  Each time you fill out your information or just provide your email, the SITE gets paid by a variety of sources who are collecting information, some of whom are other free sample or coupon sites who want to send you an email and do the same thing.

The ONLY people getting anything out of this are the scammers with the websites.  I repeat, there are NO FREE SAMPLES.  Just a lot of hassle.  DELETE these emails, or better yet, open them and unsubscribe.

Thank you peewee

July 17, 2015

Just hearing about other peoples dreams or nightmares helps a lot!! yes there is some insecurity going on here with my hubby retiring.

Retirement is a total stress on a relationship!!!!

America’s Got Idiots

July 15, 2015

OMG Lissa, I was just watching the latest America’s Got Talent and the showcased “talent” was a skydiver who exited a helicopter directly over the target and sucked it down to about 150 feet or less before deploying his parachute. Seriously, that is the most irresponsible and embarrassing representation of the sport that I have ever seen. He didn’t even land on a specific target, since he didn’t have time to set up a proper landing. What a complete loser!

I know the TV folks are always looking for ratings, and maybe it seemed like good TV, but for anyone who knows anything about the sport of skydiving, it was just a really stupid, idiotic stunt. How many people do we know who suck it down to a really dangerous altitude just for a rush or for some attention? It takes no talent whatsoever. Only an idiot would do such a thing. So all I can conclude is that the show is not actually America’s Got Talent, but America’s Got Idiots.

When you and your second husband, then the parachuting golden Knights US skydiving team Captain, jumped from that low altitude ‘fun hop and pop’ jump ….your parachute tangled
You broke your back …. Wasn’t that the same kind of thing as that stupidity?

No, Lissa, that was an accident.  There’s a difference.  And if the idiot on America’s Got Talent had had his parachute open with any sort of malfunction or delay, he would have been toast.


July 14, 2015

Hey peewee,

Do you ever have nightmares where you think you are halfway awake and something freakingly evil is trying to take over your soul? When you feel like you should wake up but maybe you really are awake? And terrifying frightening stuff is happening around you like in the horror movies?

Then you realize you can’t move, scream or wake up fully? I had that last night. Those nightmares are worse than the ones where you realize you are naked in public. Worse than the ones where you are able to fly but just not high or fast enough to evade your predators or clear the obstacles in your path!

Are these dreams/nightmares common to everyone do you think? Or my neuroses manifesting in my sleep? Or something we eat before bed?

I don’t know, Lissa, I don’t have nightmares anymore, just really weird dreams. Somewhere along the line I learned to wake myself up when I was having a nightmare, by kicking out a foot or something. I remember the last few nightmares I had were kind of like you described, where I dreamt that I was awake but I wasn’t.

I think it was my subconscious trying to trick me into having a nightmare. I remember I was in bed in a hotel room one night, trying to sleep, and I was staring at the door when it slowly started to open. (Kind of like a recurring nightmare I had when I was a kid, where I would stare at the closet door, and it would slowly open and monsters would start to spill out.) Instinctively I kicked out my foot and woke myself up, but then as I was laying there, the door started to open — again! I was really still having the nightmare. This went on a few more times until I suddenly realized that the view I had of the door that my subconscious was using for the nightmare was actually from a different perspective — it was from when I had been sitting up in bed earlier, and it looked different than the view I had lying down. And that was the last nightmare I ever had.

Now when I’m having a really weird dream, sometimes I’ll stop and think, this is really weird, is this a dream? And I’ll jump up in the air to see if I can fly, and if I can, then I know it’s a dream. Then I take over the dream and just go do whatever I want. It’s really fun.

It sounds to me like you are feeling helpless about something, Lissa. Maybe you’re worried about TCB’s upcoming retirement. That’s bound to be a huge change in lifestyle for both of you. Could someone be feeling a little, cough, cough, suffocated?


Hot Fun in the Summertime…

July 12, 2015

Boy, Lissa, I sure needed that week off in Myrtle Beach.  It really cleared my head, and gave me a chance to figure out what I want to do with my life and how to go about getting there.  Not to mention it was really wonderful to see our dad again.  Never know how many more opportunities there may be to spend time with family.

Not that it was all fun and games — nine hours at a shot in the car with a cranky, carsick 10-year-old is no picnic.  He did surprisingly well, though, and we made it there and back without any major incidents.  We also explored Broadway at the Beach, and that upside down house, the Wonder Works.  He also got to run in one of those water wheels, but i couldn’t talk him into the zipline…

I didn’t realize until after we got home, though, that I didn’t get any pictures of the kid with his grandparents. Total bummer. All I had was my stupid cell phone because my camera battery died and couldn’t be recharged. Rats.

Oh well, we did get to spend some quality time together, which was really nice. Our father looks great — back to his old self. They both have their health issues, but they seem to be managing well in the housing arrangement there. Elaine and I even got in the pool for some pool aerobics, which actually turned out to be a pretty good workout (considering what a vegetable I’ve been for so long). Also the kid and I spent one afternoon at the water park, and I actually made it up all those stairs for the different slides (and so did the kid!).

All in all, it was a much needed break. Hopefully I can get something going so that I will be able to take a lot more breaks in the coming years…


You dingdog peewee!!!

if you could picture take pictures like you did of the kid you could’ve taken pictures of daddy and you could’ve handed your phone off for somebody to take pictures of you all.

I don’t take a camera anywhere I use my old  cell phone      Who needs a camera.     The photos you took with yourself phone of the kids proves that.


Look at my blotchy legs now peewee !

July 12, 2015

imageSo thanks to my corrective treatments my sunblock clothing and sunscreen they are  improving every day !

Maybe it’s time to think about panty hose, Lissa…

No Naked Skin!

July 4, 2015


IMG_4573 Happy Fourth of July peewee! We’re boating around the Keys this weekend! Absolutely broiling hot! Can you say Chicharones? Fried pork skins! So covering up is a must. Not a sexy look but neither are wrinkles and melanomas! What are you and the kid doing with Daddy? Hope sunblock is on the menu! Lis

Hey Lissa, I saw those brown splotchy legs in an earlier picture, so you must be getting SOME sun.  I’m sure you’re not Vitamin D deficient like I am…

Heading to the water park today — with my hat and sunscreen.  Enjoying my time away from the computer.  Got pix and video (links) to post later.  Ahh, feels good to sleep in…