My Life is a Mess!

Call me Peewee. Why not? My sister Lissa does. I’ll be 48 in March, and she still calls me by the nickname my father gave me when I was about 7 years old. We were all sitting around the dinner table one evening, and I was missing my front teeth. My Dad commented that I looked like a “little toothless Peewee bird.” The name stuck. For life. Parents, remember this; don’t do this to your children.

Anyway, although the three of us girls scattered to different corners of the world after we left the roost, my sister Lissa and I have become very close over the last 10 or 15 years. We have followed each other around the globe, by chance or by choice, and taken many wacky and wonderful vacations together when our curmudgeon husbands didn’t want to be put upon.

We’ve shared a lot – good and bad. We both have money problems, health issues, and a deeply ingrained horror of aging. I suppose that’s natural; we’re both about to hit the big five – oh: Fifty. Yikes!

As the new year approaches, a new decade, an auspicious date even — 01-01-10 – we have decided we will be Fifty and Fabulous. This is the year that we will get our collective acts together. Our goals:


• Stop using credit cards
• Pay off all credit card debt (whoa, that’s a biggie)
• Reduce consumption of alcohol to social drinking only
• Give up red meat completely
• Run faster (okay, JOG faster)


• Never use credit cards again
• Lose 40 pounds (whoa, that’s MY biggie)
• Reduce consumption of alcohol to 1 glass of wine per evening, only on weekends (okay, maybe two)
• Run (okay, JOG)

On that last goal, we completed a half-marathon together this past November, but it took us nearly four and a half hours. Lissa jogs veerrryy sslllowwlllyy, and I can speed walk rather quickly, so we were able to maintain the same pace, with her jogging and me walking. Next year, we will both jog-run, and hope to shave at least an hour off of our time. We’ll see!

Oh, one last goal. As I said at the beginning: My life is a MESS! I don’t just mean the money, and the health and the weight, but literally. This is the year that I will de-clutter. One box at a time; one room at a time; one pile at a time.

This will likely be the hardest thing of all, what with working a full-time job and looking after a household full of pets and a five-year-old lunatic. But I am determined. I can do this. It’s a new year; a new decade; a new chapter of my life. Now if I can just survive Lissa’s wacky diet ideas… stay tuned – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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