No Such Thing as Free

Hey Lissa, want to know the latest scam?  “Free samples.”  They send you an email saying, “want to get free samples of all kinds of products?”  And you think, that might be nice.  Who doesn’t want free samples?  But each and every one of them are the same. When you click on them they make you fill out a survey, then they take you to other free sample sites who also make you fill out a survey, and if you click on any products, you have to fill out a survey for them and you NEVER actually get any free samples.  They’re a SCAM.  Each time you fill out your information or just provide your email, the SITE gets paid by a variety of sources who are collecting information, some of whom are other free sample or coupon sites who want to send you an email and do the same thing.

The ONLY people getting anything out of this are the scammers with the websites.  I repeat, there are NO FREE SAMPLES.  Just a lot of hassle.  DELETE these emails, or better yet, open them and unsubscribe.


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