Cuba; The New Cabo

Wow Peewee,
90 miles away felt like 9000 miles. A world of differences! It felt like I was in bubble. The lost civilization of Cuba.

They haven’t even invented dog food there yet. Which explains why I only saw small thin dogs.

Notes to self, don’t go back in the summer, wait till US banks/ internet open there and skip Havana!

But definitely go back. A must do.





2 Responses to “Cuba; The New Cabo”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I’m going on December it is hot hot in the summer just like here, but worse due to the lack of air conditioner in the cars/homes.

    Please let me know more about your experience?? Curious to know my last visit was 25 years ago. I have a lot of family in Havana. Until soon, debbie

    • lissaandpeewee Says:

      Nothing has changed I’m sure in 25 years probably not in 50 years it’s a step back in time like you won’t believe and then it’s like crumbling decrepit I packed a suitcase of stuff and gave everything away Everything is really high expensively priced for tourists so be prepared to spend money because I went over thinking it was going to be inexpensive. Hopefully the U.S. banks will be open by December but when I was there you can’t use anything but converted money . Bring toilet paper when you go out and lots of sunscreen
      It’s fascinating.

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