Grover Finally Feels at Home

Hey Lissa,

I think Grover has finally accepted that he has found his forever home.  He no longer seems to worry when we go on a car trip that he’s going to be dropped off somewhere else, or worse, thrown from the vehicle and abandoned somewhere.  The other day he even stuck his head out the window for the first time.

When we go on walks, he takes his time and stops to smell absolutely EVERYTHING, not just the things that Uno finds.  He barks protectively at strangers.  Uno barks at other dogs and greets every stranger like a long lost friend, so I think Grover feels he needs to be the one to protect me from them.

When the dogs go out in the morning, Grover actually empties his whole bladder right alongside Uno, because he finally gets it that he shouldn’t waste the opportunity.  He initiates playtime with Uno, and the two of them take turns chasing each other around the house.

And when the first sliver of sunlight comes across the yard, Grover loves to go out and bask in the warm rays for hours.  Sometimes he even rolls over on his back with his legs in the air the way Uno does.  Now THAT’S a dog that feels at home.

2014-10-19 10.46.11


Well I am so happy to hear this!!  He needed both of you!



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