A bad idea!

So Peewee

I had the day off unexpectedly (you were supposed to be here)  so I decided to play a prank for April Fools Day on my Dogsitter.  I emptied out my refridgerator, hid the contents, then climbed in and shut the door behind me.  After shutting myself in I realized I should have turned the temp up.   But I already was in the dark and I was thinking she would get there any minute.  She gives my dogs treats from the fridge whenever she comes

I bet you thought like I did that the door would open from the inside. Turns out the door doesn’t.  It’s a1992 vintage  fridgadaire.   And the dogsitter brought her own treats.   I could hear her come and go while I waited for her to open the fridge so I could jump out and scare her  with a terrifying ‘ April Fools!’  When I heard her leave and lock the front door I freaked out.   I then tried to let my self out.

But the door was sealed.  I started hyperventilating. How much oxygen did I have???  How long til someone would find me??  At least I would be a fresh corpse if I wasn’t found til the weekend.  I was freezing, Just an hour in!

I was so cold. Getting colder literally by the second I thought that if I could rock the fridgerator from inside and tip it over to pull the electric cord out of the wall behind it I could stop hypothermia   This seemed like a good idea. I was freezing.  I was thanking god that I kept the fridge temp high to conserve!

So I threw my weight back then forward and back and forward     The fridgerator started to rock like a seesaw.  I gave a huge lunge forward   I felt the fridge fall forward.  With a loud and hard thump I fell forward.    Stupid me now I was I incarcerated door side down in a 200lb plus my own body weight soon to be airless coffin.   Now I wanted that air conditioning!

I could hear my dogs whining outside circling my tomb.  A weird smell was coming in.    An electrical burning scent.   The freezer wiring was melting down.   The smell made me think of death row gas chambers.  My gut was churning  burning.  The intense fear liquefied my intestines    Fear rendered my bowels uncontrollable. This nightmare was unending.  Now methane gas was filling my tiny airspace.   Methane gas…..shit



April fools!!!!

Ha ha, Lissa — I was going to do one of those, but I was drawing a blank.



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