68 Degrees

Hey Peewee

do you remember growing up in Northern California when Daddy used to set the thermostat of the house at 68° and we would sneak it up to 70°  Of course thermostats back then weren’t  digital so you couldn’t actually figure exactly what temperature you set it at you were just guessing.  The dial only marked the degrees in fives so depending on which side of the dial you were standing it would vary by 5°.

Which is why we frequently got caught.  We were sneaking it, rushing and doing it on the fly.  We never had the luxury of standing exactly in the middle of the dial to up it by just a couple degrees.

We’d walk past the thermostat in the hallway and flick it a bit while he wasn’t looking and that flick had to be just right or else it would go up too high and he would bust us.

Ironically I set my thermostat  now at 68°.   Of course I sleep with four large very warm clingy dogs.   And… here the temperature only drops below 70° a couple of weeks a year.   I can rough it.


Yeah, Lissa, I remember those days.  That’s when the price of heating oil went up and there were gas lines and the president told everyone they should keep their thermostats at 70 degrees.  So we said, “Daddy, Daddy, the President says we should turn our thermostat UP to 70 degrees.”  The house heat came from hot water pipes underneath the floor, so sometimes I would sleep under my bed on a chilly night…

Now I keep my thermostat at 69, but only because this house is so drafty with all the cheap windows that it would cost me a fortune to try to heat it beyond that.  I finally broke down and bought a mini space heater to warm my toes while I’m working in the morning because my office is the coldest room in the house (all windows).  So now Grover likes to cuddle up right in front of the space heater all morning…




One Response to “68 Degrees”

  1. Ulla Says:

    The way I remember it was that the president said to put it at 68 and Daddy kept putting it down to 58 AND leaving the window open at night so it got quite chilly.

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