Thanks Peewee

Yes I CAN annililate a post when posting from my cell phone. Thanks for fixing it! Hey why don’t you come for Thanksgiving? You can drive to fort myers leave the car and take the ferry to key west? I’ll pick you up? Leave the little ones with the EX? I buy you the ferry ticket.
The grouchy bastard will be in Homestead.

Not a bad idea, Lissa.  Could we eat with Lillian and Wayne again?  You’d have to promise to make your chewy mashed potatoes…  Hey, maybe we could make some of that yummy cheese fondue.  A but nontraditional, but since when are we traditional?  I’ll have to get the car checked out, though.  I think it may have some problems.  I’ve been holding off taking it to a mechanic since I got no money.



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