Gone to the Dogs


Happy Birthday, Lissa, and just let it all hang out today — sort of like Uno here, just kicking back on the nice cool tile…

We’re officially in the new house — spent the first night here last night. It’s still kinda empty, but I have a desk (partial – I haven’t put it together), computer, internet hookup, table and chairs and a bed to sleep on. And an ADT security system for when we’re away (while we’re here, the dogs are my alarm.)

Speaking of dogs, look what Grover did to his new toy — took off the right eye the very first day, just to make it match…


Those two are thick as thieves (Grover and Uno, not Grover and the stuffed flea) these days, enjoying their new yard. Hope you’re having a happy birthday, Lissa — what am I saying, of course you are! Probably having a big party in your new tiki hut. Okay, I’m going to fix myself a martini…


Thanks Peewee

This was a very low key birthday year!  Quiet dinner with good friends.  No Freaky Tiki action yet.  Sigh….



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One Response to “Gone to the Dogs”

  1. Sunny Says:

    Miss your blogging….

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