Wonder Peewee!


Well, I finally got Lissa’s cast-off furniture back up to my new house, and I can’t believe I did it!

I got up at 4 am Saturday morning and packed a bunch of chow and hit the road. Nearly 7 hours to Homestead, taking the back roads to avoid tolls – can’t afford to have Sunpass kicking in and debiting money from my account suddenly… I made it to Homestead by 11:30 and rented a 14 foot van from UHaul. Then the fun began.

All of the furniture had been carefully shoehorned into a 5 x 8 storage closet (stacked 10 feet high), and lastly, Lissa’s ten-ton king-size mattress had been jammed in by three strong men. How was I going to get all that stuff out of there and into my truck all by myself?

Once I managed to tug, pull, push and wedge that rotten mattress out of the way, I thought, well maybe I CAN do this…

I left the monster mattress in the hallway and started on the rest of the stuff. Next was a heavy solid ironwood dresser, stacked on top of another heavy solid ironwood dresser. Somehow I muscled it down onto the dolly – thankfully a heavy duty, commercial airport-style dolly, and wheeled it out to the truck. From the dolly I dragged it up the ramp, lifted it one edge at a time over the edge of the truck and shoved it to the back.

I had both dressers loaded when someone showed me how to raise the ramp so that I could actually just push the dolly all the way up into the truck. Duh! Okay, no one ever said Wonder Woman was smart…

Three-quarters of tbe way through I conned two nice gentlemen into helping me with the mattress, and then I knew I had it. So it only took me two hours and a gallon of sweat. Then I spent another 30 minutes getting the car trailer hitched up and the car loaded, and back on the road I went. Another 7 hours later I was back home, and bouncing off the walls from the extra strength 5-hour energy drink I bought to keep me from dozing off at the wheel.

Driving a big-ass truck with a car in tow turned out to be easy. I just drove sedately, made wide turns and only stopped for gas once. Thank heaven it had a radio and killer air conditioning.

Thank you Uhaul – I was worried about running out of money for gas if my calculations were incorrect. The truck was supposed to get 10 mpg, but I wasn’t sure what it would get with the car in tow. So I asked the guy if they had a veteran’s discount, which they didn’t, but he very sweetly found me other discounts so that my money fears were assuaged. Very, very helpful folks there…

Still, all in all, I think I have over a thousand bucks invested in this furniture. Probably coulda got a better deal on some used furniture locally. Hmmm…. And that mattress is kinda gross, having been slept on by a pack of dogs for who knows how many years. Still, for $79 I can get a lovely memory foam “topper” from Overstock.com and it’ll be like a whole new mattress. (I don’t have $79 right now, but that’s beside the point).

First I need to get some sandpaper and a whole butt-load of polyurethane finish, so I can fix all the areas of the bed frame that the dogs chewed on.

Thanks for the furniture, Lissa!


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