Deposits, Deposits, Deposits!

Aye Chihuahua!

Well Lissa, I guess I won’t be moving into my new house this weekend after all.  Everybody wants money.  Security deposit.  Pet deposit.  Okay, those I expected, but then I had to pay $230 to the rotten electric company — as a security deposit.  This is not towards my first month’s bill, this is money they’re just going to KEEP for however long I live there.  Then the water/solid waste wants another $150, and I haven’t even called the cable company yet.  I’m afraid to.

So there went my moving money.  No furniture, no move.  Just as well; it’s going to take the extra week or so to get the place ship shape.  New tile, but old, nasty cabinets that need to be cleaned and painted inside.  Nasty stain on the porch wall where somebody got too close with a hibachi.  Hopefully some pressure washing will take that off.  Then I’ll paint the porch railing, porch and driveway, do some weeding.  They didn’t even mow — and since I don’t have a mower yet I’ll have to shell out some more moola for that.

At least ADT only charged me $25 — plus 1st month’s monitoring fee due when they come out to install.  Not bad, and well worth it for the peace of mind.

So Lissa, I won’t be sending you a birthday present.  But I’ll be thinking about you!  Hopefully when you’re celebrating your birthday, I’ll be chilling out in the new house, mixing up a pitcher of margaritas with the leftovers from your pantry.  Happy Birthday, old gal!

(Meanwhile — guess what bright young 10-year-old got an award from the governor for getting a perfect score in his FCATs for reading and near-perfect — missed by one point — in math? Give you a hint, it’s not one of your dogs…)

Well Peewee

this is one for the baby daddy!  After all it’s fifty percent to house his son.   The option of leaving the kid with The baby daddy for 3 months and living on the water in a gorgeous apt  no security deposit is still open?  Try the pilot job out  see if you can still write while you are on call????


That’s a vulgar term, Lissa, and he’s already chipped in plenty, believe me. And I’m tired of living as a guest in other peoples’ homes. I’ve got my place and I’m going to fix it up and be very comfortable there – eventually. It will be my castle, to quote a very wise lady.


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