Home Seller Etiquette

Arrghhh Peewee

There should be a published guide given to folks that sell their home. Who sells their home and leaves their clutter, shit and junk behind for the new owners to clean up? They broke a window on the way out too just for good measure!

The antique universal gym, back in the 70’s might have been a great thing,but now you need a tetanus shot just to walk around it. And it was so big it needed a zip code of its own. The previous homeowners left this prehistoric monster decaying in the downstairs enclosure for us to face! It took us 3 days and 3 men to remove it.

Along with 25 years of ‘Sanford and Sons’ decor the previous homeowners also left their cat. Which my 4 pit bull mixes didn’t appreciate either.
Where is the Moving Police when you need them? They were the ones moving out! Does common decency and courtesy not apply to cops? £^##**!,#•+~ !!!!


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