Dirty Dozen


I haven’t eaten 6 Taco Bell tacos since I was a stoner in high school.  Then I’d wash them down with a dozen glazed donuts. No wonder I graduated high school with a healthy crop of cellulite sprouting on my thighs!


Hah, Lissa — at least I only ate 5! The Kid ate his first taco – and he liked it! Mikey likes it! Maybe he’ll evolve beyond peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Lucky Charms after all…

Seriously, on the cellulite, I attribute that to your mayonnaise years. Don’t you remember that giant jar of mayo that my first hubby bought you once? He meant it as a joke but you dug right in. You used to burn a steak until it was charcoal and then smother it in mayonnaise. I think you must have been suffering from some sort of mineral deficiency or something.

I certainly was suffering some type of deficiencies! I worked out an extra 30 minutes today to pay for those tacos!


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One Response to “Dirty Dozen”

  1. ursula Says:

    I remember that giant jar of mayonaise! You would even slather it on cold pizza. Until you found out it was fattening, lol! And the soggy cap’n crunch in the fridge? Sure had some odd tastes.

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