Home shit home


Well Peewee

You weren’t kidding The Miscreants are out of control. Maybe the rabbit and potatoe diet isn’t working for them. I’ve been home 24 hours and haven’t picked up a solid poop yet.


You say potato, I say potahto, either way there’s no E on the end of it, Mr. Quayle…

Welcome to MY world. You haven’t cleaned up any diarrhea, either, Ms. Delicate Constitution. (I take pity on Lissa and clean it up, because I don’t want to have to clean up her barf as well.) You just have to keep telling yourself it’s chocolate pudding.



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One Response to “Home shit home”

  1. ursula Says:

    Lissa, switching diets suddenly usually does cause digestive issues. The limited ingredient chow is definitely superior; my kitties are on it too. However, you should be mixing it in with their regular food, then adding more and more until they have successfully made the switch. That is what my vet said when my cat had problems years ago.

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