A fresh take!

Hey Peewee

Hope springs eternal!  This visit with Daddy and his wife has been fun!  I’ve never appreciated adult quiet time so much as I have these past days!  No dogs or kids barking peeing and pooping.   No messes   No accidents  no whining      Just good talk, good food and good sleep.   Ahhhhhh

We All needed this!

Yup, Lissa. When we got to the airport and discovered that Dis-Spirit-ed Airlines (the Lowly Way to Fly) charges $50 per carry-on bag, EACH WAY, I was afraid it wasn’t going to be a good trip. Just goes to show, read the fine print when buying airfare. Would have been half as much then, but still, charging for a carry-on is a crappy way to run an airline. They sucker you in thinking you’re going to get a cheap airfare and then stick you with a bunch of add-on fees that make it cheaper to go with the more expensive airline in the first place. No cabin service to speak of and they probably even have pay toilets!

And how about that sardine-style seating with those Marquis-de-Sade chairs that make no pretense whatsoever of reclining? Talk about a no-frills airline — no frills, no service, no comfort. This airline has two seating classes: Low class and no class! I’m glad that didn’t set the tone for the whole trip!


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