Pot to Piss in

Poor Peewee

Her source of income is her computer and it crashed dead like my washing machine last week.  Ourr mojo is all washed up.   Between Grover losing an eye, her computer and the washing machine it’s been a costly month.  I heard June is a bad energy month and everyone’s feeling it.  I just heard that one of my neighbors just committed suicide.  I’m looking forward to July!


Yes, Lissa, thank God for WalMart!

I just ordered a refurbished, almost new PC with Windows 7, plus a wifi adapter so I can actually use it online here. Total with tax and shipping, just under $200. Such a deal! It’ll do for now, anyway. And someone told me about a site where you can have access to the whole Microsoft Office suite plus a sizeable chunk of cloud storage for just ten bucks a month. Since I was already paying that much just for storage on Dropbox, that sounds like a win-win for me.

So, crisis averted. It was just a matter of time with that 10-year-old computer anyway. At least I got my money’s worth out of it. Can’t say the same for your $1000 washing machine, Lissa…



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One Response to “Pot to Piss in”

  1. ursula Says:

    Wow! Who would pay $1000 for a washing machine, lolol??? Pam, there are open access office suites that are compatibe with MS Office. For free. Appache on cnet.

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