Melt downs & MELT DOWNS

Oy Boy Peewee,

TCB lost it last night!  Mr What If and Mrs Why Not even discussed divorce.  I’ve gone from having to check in once a day with him to texting emailing and calling continuously throughout the day sun up to sundown.  Just give me the ankle bracelet now!  He swings between warden and angry parent.  

I don’t know how much I can take.   Check please?



Gees, Lissa, what did you do? Another questionable night of debauchery with the girls? Lose track of your car and come home in a taxi? Come staggering in the door at 3 am with a snootful and try to mix a margarita in the washing machine? Seriously, do tell…

You would have thought it was any or all of that. But I forgot to turn on my phone ringer after a long day of work. Missed his calls (28) while I ate dinner with my friend. I was incommunicado for and hour and a half. Wish it was more than that!

Wow – that’s not right.



One Response to “Melt downs & MELT DOWNS”

  1. ursula Says:

    That is totally not right. That is why I left Vic, again. All the same stupid stuff that is not acceptable to me

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