Door # 1, 2, 3 or 4???

Ok Peewee,

House #1  Funhouse:  unique one of a kind with fun features

House #2  Respectable house:  conservative neighbors  (for Key West) lovely home

House #3  Favorite neighborhood    Lots of friends here

House #4   BHDT  literarily 'Been Here Done That! '    We owned this one before   Could do it again

Round and round and round we go where we land nobody knows


Oh, the torturous dilemmas you find yourself in, Lissa...


Me, I get really cool choices to make like, would I rather have a big old gnarly cyst on my forehead or a nice little scar? Went with the scar. The VA took it off for me Tuesday. Haven't seen what it looks like yet - they said to leave the bandage on till it falls off (there's steri-strips holding the wound together underneath)...

Hey Peewee
You should get your eyelids checked. Because I think you would qualify for a upper blepharplasty. Your peripheral vision has to be affected by the hooding of your upper eyelids. Then it's paid for by the VA. Your last ex hubby had it done by insurance because it affected his vision. Look into it No pun intended!

Thanks Lissa. Way to make a girl feel good...


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