Scorpions and Centipedes and Spiders, Oh My

Found a scorpion in the house today – apparently they’re common around here this time of year.  I got through explaining to the kid about how he needs to watch out for them, and centipedes too.  This was him watching television this morning:


Yes, Lissa, I’m looking for a nice, cheap used car. I have roughly $4000 saved – maybe a little less since I had to pay for my new glasses, plus storage rental and a few other things. Something that runs good, has killer A/C and electric windows so I can let the dog hang out the window when he’s riding along. Good gas mileage would be nice too. I just wish I knew someone who could help me look at possibilities and tell me if they are mechanically sound…

Meanwhile, I finally got my eyes checked (healthy) and fitted out for new lineless bifocals – which were only $20 more than the kind with the lines, which was the only thing I splurged a little bit on – otherwise, the cheapest pair in the shop… Still ran me just under $200 for the whole schmeel, but since the VA couldn’t get me in for an eye appointment till mid-June, I figured I’d go ahead and fork over the dough.

They did a very thorough exam – dilated my pupils and shined a big light in and had a look around. Things were pretty blurry for quite a while afterwards, so I stopped at the nearest place I could find for a bite of lunch and to wait till I could see better before driving home. Get a load of these pupils:


How’s THAT for a selfie! (The waitress kept staring at me…)

So — anybody got a cheap used car to sell?

Wow Peewee,
I thought I could take a crazy selfie but that ones pretty crazed too! The waitress was probably debating whether to serve you or not.
Keep saving!


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