Ashes schmashes


our mothers cremated remains were the  duty of our father to depose of as he was the closest and longest person affiliated with her.  The fact that he pawned them off on you who pawned them off on our other sister who is waiting (my guess) to pawn them back off on one of reminds me of a thanksgiving fruitcake  that’s gets regifted perennially!

We have never had the the type if family that  gets together  regularly    Not even during holidays  let alone on a yearly basis.

Which is why if I die before my husband he knows enough how to dispose of my ashes without involving family.

If we don’t visit each other while we are  living why do you think any of us would visit a memorial tree ?

Just being real



I would visit your tree.

For you, I would plant a beech tree, known for use in amazing mythological ships, as the Argo, and also in wine bowls.

Forestry Trees Gallery: Beech Tree

How could you not love a tree, Lissa?


Of course you are the exception to the case   A redwood you will be!!  I love you Peewee!



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3 Responses to “Ashes schmashes”

  1. Carol Says:

    If you go before me I will be with Chris to hamdle your wishes. Big hug my friend.

  2. ursula Says:

    They were not “pawned off” on me, I asked for them. And I will NOT be “pawning” them off on anyone. I have been trying to get a ride in the GoodYear Blimp to surrepticiously let some fly free – something she always wanted to fly in. I will also let some go in a skydive, already have most of that set up – just looking for free time. Lol, free time? Lastly, I have visited Villa Montalvo hoping to place a plaque, but no go on that idea. Yosemite allows the spreading of ashes, but no plaque either. Still working out “stuff.”

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