Our mothers ashes?

So peewee

do you have moms ashes? Seems to me you have become the depository of relative’s ashes.   Our sister mentioned our moms ashes and I remembered that family has dumped them and other folks ashes off on you.  

Have you been moving around the country with them in your possession?  Don’t worry I’ve requested to be cremated when I die and I just want mine flushed down the toilet.  Free trip to China. Or do what others probably do dump the ashes out and sell the pretty urns as vases!


No, Lissa, I have not been traveling around the country with peoples’ ashes. Before I left Florida I sent them to our sister at her request. She was going to try to do something with them, or maybe get the three of us together to do something, but I don’t think anything has come of it.

I still think the coolest thing to do with ashes is to dig a big hole, pour them in there and then plant a tree.  They make great fertilizer, and the tree would eventually absorb the ashes.  If you needed a gravestone, you could always put some sort of plaque on or around the tree, but that’s so much better than putting someone in the ground all hermetically sealed in a coffin.

And if you needed somewhere to go visit the dead, you could always go picnic under the tree and feel close to your dear departed, all the while making the world just a little better place for having another life-giving tree on the planet.

Imagine creating parks instead of cemeteries!

So sorry, no toilet for you if I have anything to say about it.  Make mine a California redwood, please.  They live a long, long time.


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One Response to “Our mothers ashes?”

  1. ursula Says:

    Pam, redwoods are super hard to plant! There are some at Vic’s house, but I don’t want to do that in a non-public place. What about when he sells? Any ideas as to WHERE we could do this? I am still pondering the issue.

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