My beloveds

My beloveds
Today Peewee,
Steeler joined Lambert Ash to ash….. We will scatter their combined ashes over their most favorite place in the Keys. Where they love to swim and frolic and could spend hours upon hours in the sun and sand. We will miss them so much. Thank you Peewee your gift, Steeler, was the dog love of my life. She and Lambert gave us so many beautiful happy years.

I’m so sorry, Lissa. The hardest part about having dogs is saying goodbye to them when they leave us; worse, having to make the decision to have them put out of their misery. You find yourself putting it off, just another day, wanting to hold on just a little longer.

Those were both great dogs, and the first ones, I think, you’ve ever really invited into your life. Sadly, I think you’ll find that you never let the ones that follow get quite as close to your heart. It’s only natural to guard against pain.

Pour yourself a nice big goblet of red wine, cuddle up with your furry friends and have a good cry, Lissa. Somewhere, Steeler and Lambert are frolicking on the beach together. They will be missed, but they had a really great life with you. And that’s all any dog could ever ask for.


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2 Responses to “My beloveds”

  1. Ursula Says:

    I understand your loss Lissa, so hard. But also hard for me to understand why you would want to scatter your dogs’ ashes so lovingly, but not your own mother’s?

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