It’s your Day!

ImageHey old Girl!

happy birthday my best friend

I hope you you are having some fun today

not to be too depressing but Steeler my old girl who’s turning 13 had a stroke a couple days ago she’s doing fine now   it was in mini stroke   Makes me think  we need to have an exit strategy in life

I’m not about to let her suffer I won’t hold her rear end up when she poops.  The minute she can’t walk I’ll call the vet for that final housecall.  I hope we get the same for us when we are ready.  

Use by expiration date for me is clear  No walk, talk and dance and I’m done!
Check please?!



Wow, Lissa, 13 is good for a dog that size. I remember when I picked her out – she was the clown. Such a character! She always had that beautiful gait, so full of energy and so light on her feet. I hope she hangs on a few more years. She’s been a good friend.



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One Response to “It’s your Day!”

  1. Lillian (Mom) Says:

    So sad – she will always be the most beautiful girl in the world. That cutest pug nose ever!!!!!

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