A Rush to Closure

Call me a conspiracy theorist Lissa, but I still can’t help but wonder why NO ONE has followed up on any other possibilities as to the whereabouts of the missing plane. Although they claimed to be searching 23 countries or some jibberish, it seems like the whole focus has been on the Indian Ocean right from the get go. It’s as though the plane vanished by magic – magic by misdirection, that is.

Obviously without clear details as to what kind of signals were received when, there’s no way for anyone not privy to the real facts of the case to come to any sort of conclusion about the plane’s whereabouts beyond the one they’ve served up on a platter, just a little too quickly, in my opinion.

Even if they did have some sort of catastrophic event that took out the radios (how come other pilots heard cabin noises over the frequency?) and the transponder, and they programmed in a heading to take them back towards the airport or one nearby with a longer runway before they succumbed, what made the airplane turn AGAIN and head towards Australia?

I think the plane is out there, in the hands of terrorists who are plotting to do nefarious things with it while the world frets about some mysterious vanishing debris seen on a grainy satellite photograph.

I hope the authorities know more than they’re letting on, and they’re just pretending to go along with this ridiculous story.


Yeah Peewee,
The facts just don’t add up to the Indian Ocean theory. I don’t buy it either.
I’ve had my hands full this week. Rescued and adopted out the most precious puppy ever! Soliciting donations and sponsors for the animal Shelter golf tournament. In and out of vet with poor Bradshaw. Saved the neighbors dogs from a alligator in the backyard. Bought Big new skincare equipment. Learned it. It’s only Tues. Phew


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