Man Peewee
We are both in serious holding patterns in our lives right now! I need to sell our white elephant home to move to my next destination. You need to get a job to find your next destination. How many people are like us? Wait wait wait! Well it’s a full moon tonight Peewee go howl at it for direction.

That’s for sure, Lissa. I can’t really even try for a pilot job until I get my medical certificate, which I can’t get till I get my blood pressure under control and also get an eye exam and some new glasses – and the VA has scheduled my eye exam for June 1st! I may have to just pay for that out of pocket somewhere, but it’s pretty hard to go for a job interview without a car…

Then again, maybe I just keep working at home. It’s taken me 2-1/2 years, but transcription is actually starting to pay rather well. Legal stuff, that is. Kind of hard to give that up for a lesser paying job where you have to punch a time clock…

Decisions decisions. I think the car is the first thing. Definitely need transportation.



One Response to “Limbo-land”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Thought hubby was loaning you a vehicle??? How is that working out?

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