Gotta Get Me Some Wheels!

Okay, Lissa, I have around $1100 saved so far. My transcription work pays net 30, so I’m just starting to collect for work I did a month ago. I should be able to save faster now…

I’ve been surfing around on the net and it looks like I can pick up an old clunker for around $2500. All the ads seem to be for dealers, though. When you’re only spending $2500 and the dealer is taking $400 or $500 of that, what are you really getting? Kinda scary.

Citrus County is full of really old people. Maybe I should be looking at the obits instead of the want ads. I could just swoop in and make an offer on the old Caddy grandpa’s been keeping in his garage for years and years…

I sure wish I knew more about cars. Nothing makes you feel more helpless than when your car breaks down and strands you somewhere. Especially when you’ve got no money and no credit cards. I definitely want to get something that loddy doddy EVERYBODY and their brother and their aunt and their dog knows how to work on!

I sure hope I can find something reliable. Otherwise, wherever I break down is where I’m going to be living for a while.


For sure not Craig’s List Peewee!
Try the want ads Used Car Dealers are a ripoff I’ve bought cars through the classified ads Or referrals from friends!



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One Response to “Gotta Get Me Some Wheels!”

  1. Ursula Says:

    I lucked out! My van got totalled about the same time as my friend Don took his dad’s toyota away from him. So I got a Toyota Camry with very low miles in pristine condition for $5 grand, (including dmv and tax) which is what the insurance company gave me for my old van.

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