Where’s OUR Winter?

Sure wish we’d get a break from temps in the 80’s around here. I’ve been toughing it out with no air conditioning to get a break from the high electric bill. I’ve gotten it down from $350 to $150 a month. I’ve unplugged all unused appliances. I turn off lights and fans, we have 12 overhead fans here, cook in the toaster oven instead of the big one and turn off my computer and use my smart phone instead and it pays.

But I for one would sure like to have a cold snap. How are you doing here in Florida with your estranged husband? Is it hot there? Do you have a pool? Are you having any fun? My cranky bastard (as HE likes to be called) comes home tonight for a visit. I’ll be in lock down with the warden.

We’re having weird weather here in Central Florida, too Lissa. Right after we got here it was really cold, and some of the new pants I bought for the Kid were already too small so we had to hit WalMart for some new ones. As soon as we did that, a super warm front came through, and temps were up in the 80s with high humidity, and the Kid switched to shorts and T-shirts.

So naturally, now all his shorts were too small. Back to WalMart for more shorts for the Kid and some warm weather clothes for me, who stupidly packed nothing but jeans and sweaters. Then it got cold again.

Now it’s actually kind of pleasant. The Kid is still wearing pants to school, with a T-shirt and sometimes a light jacket. Still, it’s quite mild for winter in these parts. Feels more like spring. If it’s this warm now, I wonder what SUMMER is going to be like…


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