Hump Day

Well Peewee,

how are you faring out there in the stix of Florida?  The hubby give you any slack of leash yet?   I’m praying I get some money soon from that BP claim so I can buy you a car.  Give you some freedom then.  Then you would be able to come visit.   Maybe a used car will turn up somewhere.  Perhaps a family unit (hint Dad) will decide to get a new car and give you their old one?  We all need a break once in a while  and you can’t take it with you.  

Anyway  Id love to see you but I am in the height of my season and days off are rare.  


Lis Image

No “leash,” – saving for a car. Once I get one I’m thinking of finding a nice little place in Crystal River so the kid can spend time with us both without having to get carsick. Meanwhile, I’m working, relaxing a bit and making appointments for medical and dental care. This was time that I needed to regenerate. I knew you couldn’t go more than a week without a rude comment…

Yeah takes all the fun out of it!


One Response to “Hump Day”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Lol! No, I dont’ suppose she could! Love you bunches!

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