Bad Selfie!

ruby 152


Do all selfies have to be pretty?  We all have dark sides, alter egos and wild sides.  I rather liked this selfie.  You know  … how we look before coffee in the morning.  That shower and coffee can really do wonders.  I was pleased how I could contort my face and photo more chins than a Chinatown phone book.   I was amazed when my husband called and asked me to delete it.  He didn’t recognize me but figured it out.  He said it made him sick.    I got alot of folks asking me to remove it.  They found it disturbing and even offensive.  I thought it was funny.  Now we know I’m warped.  And in case you missed it on yesterday’s post here it is again for your viewing pleasure or appetite suppressant. Sorry Hubby.



I imagine it’s not so funny to people whose faces always look like that…

So Lissa, remember the British sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous? In this picture you remind me of the crazy bug-eyed assistant – Bubbles?


One Response to “Bad Selfie!”

  1. Ursula Says:

    Oh, your face is so swollen up! Looks like maybe you stayed up all night then slept in your makeup?

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